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  1. I watched this many times,i love the chemistry of the 3 casts, and i love them more after i watched their pictorials,their interviews on different tv program,although jason and rintaro,cannot answer directly but they tried their best,i love the way they describe devon,,,i am already a senior citizen but i really admire them…i hope there will be a part two…and hope rintaro will be given a big break by viva coz he signed a contract with them..4years ago..

  2. I loved the movie so much because there is a combinationa of korean actor and a philipino actress i loved kdrama's and philipino movies plus indian movies so when i see these movie i loved it and enjoyed i loved the start of the movie upto the end ❤❤❤

  3. I really loved this movie🥰, it made me cry and happy at the same time🥺. Thanks for uploading this movie. Please I want more and if anyone can recommend movies like this to me I would really love it🤗.

  4. I love this movie,I watch this many times, I admire how the casts portray their parts..I hope there are still more to come,,Devon second is good in acting… I like the movie comedy romance drama..

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