1. I feel like every South Korean film I see is a masterpiece. There is so much nuance and trust that the viewer understands what is being portrayed without over simplification you just don't get from Hollywood.

  2. My favorite Korean film has gotta be Joint Security Area. Korean films are so good at juggling multiple tones and ideas. While sometimes Korean films can be very unrealistically fast paced (which keep in mind is not a bad thing) they still manage to capture how unpredictable real life can be. Life can feel like a thriller or sometimes a comedy, it’s random yet fixed.

  3. Train to busan is probably my favorite zombie movie simple because the homeless guy stepped on that soda can and attracted the zombies towards him. I know it's not a funny movie but when I was watching this with my family I was dying 😂.

  4. As a Korean-American, what I love about Korean cinema is the rich diversity. There are famous films that everyone knows about, like Parasite, Old Boy, Burning, Train to Busan, which have rich human interactions and deep themes. There are also comedic movies that simply exist to make you feel happy, sad movies that simply exist to make you cry, romantic movies that will make you squeal, and oftentimes, a clever mix of it all. One of my favorite films is Tazza, an absolute cult classic, and it's an action movie with such memorable lines that people still quote it to this day. It has comedic parts that are famous memes, but also a message about gambling. Another great movie is the Classic, with the same male actor. It's a great romance movie, and I often like to compare it to the Notebook, which came out a year later. Both have the themes of star-crossed lovers in the past, but I think the Classic has this uniquely-Korean feel, of melancholy and family. It's hard to tell if the ending is happy or sad, and you're wrenched from crying to laughing to this general feeling of "it is what it is". Then you have Peppermint Candy, handling a man's suicide and his life. I'm ranting, but I think that's the reason why Korean cinema is one of my favorites. It's great at conveying emotion and stories, perhaps from the horrifying past of the country itself.

  5. Steve younge having his character die in walking dead excited me. I stopped looking the show and thought he won't be tied to it anymore. He keeps showing up in wonderful works since. Then I watched this show called invincible and yeah. I spelled his name wrong.

  6. I can't get my gf to watch parasite for the life of me. First of all subtitles. Second, I've said a lot about how it's about class… Well.. she hasn't seen any movie I like. The fact I like them seem to bother her. She wants to watch the new boss baby… We're old too, her kids are adults… Boss baby? I want to show her old boy. She'll enjoy many movies if she could… Hey… She doesn't like movies… I adore them. Wanting to watch a movie has led to arguments. I'll get the movie, we never watch it and after a few months I watch it and she gets angry I watched it without her but like… The list of movies grows and I don't want to wait a year when I want to watch a movie today….

  7. I thought this was just me! when I watch american movies, i make sure to look it up to make sure it isn't garbage first. korean movies, i just pick ANYTHING new and 9 times out of 10 it slaps. I watched burning and train to busan on a WHIM! probably to some extent this has to do with selection bias. if a korean movie is getting traction in the west it most likely has to be reasonably good. still, train to busan remains my favourite zombie movie ever and I still think about burning sometimes despite having watched it years ago

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