1. Most times it amazes me greatly the way I moved from an average lifestyle to earning over 65k per month, utter shock is the word. I have understood a lot in the past few years and never to doubt the fact that opportunities abound in the financial markets, The only thing is to know where to focus.

  2. Techlead has revealed himself as a straight forward tell it like it is content creator and that is why i watch your videos. Another great video. Thanks and keep up. Support from Portugal

  3. soon one day soon this intense introvert that I am will open up to being more social 🙂 and have real friends 🙂 that time will come! I live a very lonesome life given the subject of my interests, this introvert is going through some mandatory transformations for the role I signed up to play this lifetime apparently, from human to a more avatar state, the process is a bit yucky, my perspective is being shattered so I can come to anew, energy body upgrades, and also a more profound sense peace! ah the process of soul initiation coming into the souls natural divinity, as we aim to reach what they call " the source state" or a state of untouchable, shedding all aspects of us that only hinder us, the embodiment of all archetypes:) we all have this capability built inside us!! if only everyone knew the power they have in their lying in their soul!! some souls came into this world for no other task/path outcome, The Source Vampires as they say lol kinda cringe to say lol my relationships all having been turned upside down so I can focus on this matter, universe always nudging me in a specific direction throughout life, love and light>? noo you came from the demonic realm mr endless love remember your power remember who you are, we need you in the front seat and apply the gifts you were born with yattayattayatta

    I need to be spiritually connected strong and powerful in my being, by continue to shed my aspects if mind if I want to have the power to curse destroy control full-on anti human corporations! sounds scary but the seat of our soul is the scariest for them, none of this being nothing new! I should add! just been kept secret through the ages,
    you mr techlead are family 🙂
    always love! thank you for you.
    a blessing to this world unlike no other.
    <3 a brother to my soul <3

  4. strongly disagree with you on this / you are just saying what you want to hear as a content creater to yourself just to make your life feel worthy …cmon you know that but yes as for social media being super important is true..

  5. Amazing insights, hereinunto never before heard from an engineer : "Star power is greater than nerd power". Why is such an obvious point lost on them? As you say, that's how it used to be. And that's how it should be 🙂

  6. This video needs to get popular with the influencers. You make some great points here. Great personalities are the most rare things and should be rewarded as such.

  7. Its like we should have a news service which goes out and gathers important information that a large number of people would want and put it into an easy to read format … the newspaper has been reinvented …

  8. Interesting commentary. Not sure I would agree on content curation. That’s what Yahoo did and they got out performed by Search. Likewise newspapers and legacy media try incessantly to do curation with limited if any financial success.

  9. you just want to make content that so many people watch it. and you can make money from there. streaming is good for people just like you. its not for all the people. in the real life people dont have time to watch all the vedios.

  10. Most of the world still lives by doing hand labor man. Tech celebrities are just a temporary luxury that will eventually be hit by the realities if this world, ex. war, hunger, poverty, pollution. The time has come.

  11. Not every coder can manage the stress involved in producing youtube videos and coming up with the content that people want consistently. In the same token, a cab driver makes a good salary already and he would be shooting himself in the foot trying to learn how to consistently produce youtube videos.

  12. I literal have ancient knowledge now since, the follow generations don't understand coding…at fundamental level. Not the mention you have to be able to think in multiple dimensions to code. You can't go to a secondary trade skill school to learn real coding…the market is flood with these kind of developers. Heck, everyone thinks you can just pick up coding…Geez, why not just pick being a medical doctor then?

  13. The youtuber I see doing this very well is Ryan Biniecki who posts a weekly video basically rounding up the most important news relating to Playstation and gaming

  14. Automation/control system/SCADA coding is very much in demand and it is not a blue collar job. Interfacing these operation systems into Enterprise systems is also very lucrative. There are many more industries that need coders than just social media, app development, or gaming.

  15. Survivorship bias. It's easy to see the big players or the "winners" because they are highly visible. On the other hand, we don't see the "losers" who failed. If you look at social media, the chance of being able to turn it into a career is very small. Many try and nearly all of them fail. The field is already saturated and it really takes a special kind of person to succeed in that and be able to stick with it, day in and day out. On the other hand, a competent engineer can easily make six figures — and if they are judicious with their income and mentally strong, can live a good life, save money, and should be able to retire before they burn out. And there's a lot more to engineering than just coding, we need competent technical people of all types and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's great that some of us have been able to combine the two but again, not for everyone.

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