1. See, my biggest concern is that school looks to abnormal. Part of the Addams Family charm is that they're the fish put of water, they're the wierd ones. But it looks like they'll ditch that pretty quick and just put Wednesday into a school as wierd as her, kinda making her less wierd in the process. Too soon to know for sure, but I am a little worried about that.

  2. Normally I am not interested in Netflix TV shows, However this looks amazing. Jenna has done an amazing job, cannot wait to see how Tim Burton captures the Addams Family. The only downside is from what I have seen, there are only 8 episodes. (Edit: I stand corrected based on more information, season 1 has 8 episodes.)

  3. Yeah I've seen this TV series/movie before it's not anything you and you're taking one of the Addams Family out of the family which is the best part 🤦‍♂️

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