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  1. I just finished watching Vinchenzo
    First 3-4 ep are not engaging as I thing many k dramas are also have this problem but after 5th ep little bit of engaging you will get until ep 10 but 11 ep the show have its own track full of action comedy adventures thrill every thing is there overall 8/10 ????

  2. the way The show's nothing like as shown in trailer
    Damn I swear I was misguided by this trailer & when I watched the show I completed it IN A SINGLE SITTING DAMNIT slept only after finishing it????
    This was such a delight ????❤️

  3. as a guy, give me an honest opinion if this is a must watch, all I’m seeing in the comments are girls commenting on how handsome the actor looks. Im looking for something that has a lot of action and drama in it. Is this it?

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