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  1. You lied to me 🙁 minions 2 is coming out in July of 2022 the video titled said 2021 and I still have to wait because I just realized I watched this video a year ago and now I'm disappointed cuz I really thought Minions 2 was out now!

  2. There's nothing that you hate more, than how they bring all the fashion and styles to the animation movies meant for kids, as like it would be a some kind of a show-off, and not taking seriously the purpose of animation and kids contents. There are tons of better subjects and contents, and values that everyone knows, that would be valuable to children, and they have no clue about them and nothing of them is done. All goes to waste.

  3. Fast-forward to September 2021, and Rumble is just about the only animated movie left from the original line-up of movies scheduled for 2020 that still hasn't been released. I hope this does come out in February, but they'll probably just keep taking "the coward's way out" of continuing to push the release date back like they expect everything to be better in a year's time, when it'll probably be 5 times worse than it is now

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