1. I've been to a movie theater with that comfy couch room before (not in Korea), a really long time ago. And there still isn't anything like that in the USA. It amazes me how much the USA is lacking in imagination and convenience compared to other countries

  2. In the states, we have some idiots that would ruin or steal stuff. Unless it's located in Beverly Hill or in Irvine, California. And the theatres here will charge the customer s extravagantly large price for each ticket.

  3. Featuring Korean cinemas is a great way for us to learn more about how Koreans treat their entertainment experience. Thank you for showing us a side of Korea that seems common but is actually a great way to showcase what Korea is.

    It's also my first time seeing Gyu-Lee. If you're an actual new host and staff of the channel, welcome to the team, Gyu-Lee!

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