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  1. frozens the perfect example of a movie you either love or you hate theres no in between. heres a full list of animated movies better from the 2010s
    httyd trilogy
    toy story 3
    despicable me
    wreck it ralph
    lego movie
    big hero 6
    inside out

  2. I feel like Kung Fu Panda 2 deserves a spot or even an honorable mention. That movie was amazing asf. but anyway I really agree to the list especially with Your Name, Toy Story 3 and Coco.

  3. In one TV series was X-Men animated series
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Lord of the Rings The Hobbit trilogy
    Lots of good movies in our film history the past decades.
    Peter Pan cartoon movie.
    Recess school's out.
    Little Rascals cartoon
    Freddy Krueger movies did Jason Voorhees trilogy.
    Marvel Comics Ghost Rider
    Venom Let There Be Carnage
    The first Venom movie.
    Spider-Man trilogy
    Tom and Huck
    The Adventures of Huck Finn
    Jurassic Park 2 the Lost World
    Jurassic Park 3
    Jurassic Park for Jurassic World
    Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom
    Coming soon to theaters near you this year Jurassic world Dominion
    In a 1993 Jurassic Park
    Star Wars the Animated Series TV series
    The original Star Wars movies directed by George Lucas
    ET the Extra-Terrestrial another Steven Spielberg film
    The Man of Steel Zack Snyder film
    The Justice League TV series cartoon
    The Justice League live action Cinema film
    Justice League extended edition the Snyder cut
    The Flash TV series 2014 film
    Hercules the animated cartoon
    Hercules the TV series
    Kevin Sorbo
    The Highlander TV series
    Mortal Kombat animated cartoons
    Mortal Kombat live action remake.
    Resident Evil cartoon and live-action soft reboot movies.
    Directed by Paul WS Anderson
    Lots a good movies for a long time
    And the same thing with the mummy series. Stephen Sommers film
    Stephen Sommers Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman
    King Kong films original trilogy and the first live-action film reboot series
    Godzilla the original trilogy
    Godzilla reboot live action movies
    , King Kong vs Godzilla 2021 film in a remake to the original

  4. The best movie in decades animations is Jurassic Park a worldwide phenomenon Blockbuster smash film movie
    The cast of Laura Dern
    Sam Neill
    Jeff Goldblum
    Samuel L Jackson
    BD Wong.
    Joseph Mazzello
    Ariana Richards.
    A Steven Spielberg film
    A story by Michael Crichton best number one bestseller

  5. Your Name is NOT a good movie. Even if it's good, it's never be better than Klaus, Tangled, and Breadwinner.

    + Frozen in number 4 is suck because Frozen is SO overrated, and Toy Story 3 should be number 1.

  6. I wonder if there will be a superhero movie that will come out in 2028 that will be on the levels of the dark knight and spider verse.

  7. Movies that should've been on here/honorably mentions:
    Arthur Christmas
    How To Train Your Dragon
    How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
    The Boxtrolls
    The Lego Batman Movie
    Toy Story 4
    Shaun The Sheep Movie
    The Peanuts Movie
    Shrek Forever After

  8. 5- Inside out
    4- Spider verse
    3- A silent voice
    2- Your name
    1- Moana
    This will probably strike a lot of controversy, but these are my favorites.

  9. HTTYD>Into the spider verse honestly…
    It was literally the greatest franchise this world has ever seen. The emotions, fantasy and adventure in them are astonishing! It always warms my heart and it forever will!❤

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