1. Not gunna lie, the description you gave about Antlers actually pisses me to my core. It sounds like it takes the already butchered myth of the Wendigo and proceeds to butcher it even more, going so far as to confuse the Wendigo and the Algonquin people altogether. I'm going to stop right here before I go on a long tangent, but based on what you've described about the movie, don't think I will be watching it. But The 8th was pretty dope tho! Thanks for the recommend!

  2. Was loving the recommended movies but could you guys not spoil the whole thing in case I wanted to go watch it? I've watched a lot of other movies you guys have mentioned in previous videos because you left me wanting more from it

  3. Was "The Unholy" put on here by mistake? lol it was pretty bad. Malignant should take it's place, even though it's more horror ,action, comedy. Hell, even Candy Man was better….

  4. Antlers had so much potential but was so disappointing. big cool looking monster but was so weak a school teacher killed it with almost no effort at all. It moved so slow at the end a paraplegic grandma could have killed it with a pair of chopsticks. I was so disappointed ????

  5. Lol did u just say most of the movies released are horror????? yeah ok..what planet r u on…it is far from the mainstream films released in theatres..maybe 1, 2 at most at once..this guy ????

  6. Imagine the Wendigo from Antlers and the Vampire from Blood Red Sky vs. the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers or Moda (Child of Loki) from the Ritual Film, interesting Fight/Battle!

  7. Here are some others that I would personally recommend:

    In the Earth (probably my favorite 2021 horror so far)
    We Need to Do Something (super weird flick about a family trapped in a bathroom after a storm)
    Candyman (absolutely amazing continuation of the 80s original)
    Willy's Wonderland (Nic Cage, basically "Five Nights at Freddy's" the movie)
    Wrong Turn
    V/H/S 94 (latest in the anthology series with some dark gems)
    A Classic Horror Story

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