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  1. I sure do wonder how Jeffrey Epstein managed to kill himself in a high security prison while being guarded and somehow all the cameras magically stop working as if it isn't a heavily funded facility.

  2. I know I'm late but just wanted to point out to viewers who are not so familiar with veteran actors in Korea… This movie has one of the best cast with top-tier movie stars in Korea…( Lee Jongsuk did a great job but just here to acknowledge the other casts as well)

  3. Everyone's praising LJS (as they should) but Im most drawn with Kim Myung Min's character. You know that noble cop who just want to catch the bad guy regardless if he will have to fight people far more superior to him. F*kin brave. Its my cream of the crop.

  4. To be honest, I'm tired of people wanting these psychos and serial killers to just die. What makes these "normal" people different from the psychos? We just need investment in the research field of psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissists (they all share lack or remorse/empathy iirc) so that we can help to identify these people before they go on killing sprees. It's the same stigma that we have towards people who had the plague. We need to find cures for them to prevent stuff, not find inhuman ways to torture them. Mind you, I'm not saying they should be forgiven, they don't feel remorse for what they do anyway. But so far I haven't seen one single person that doesn't want to hurt them. We're not so different from them if we don't hesitate to end a life or torture, are we? One does not need to have a mental disorder to be the "bad guy", we're already full of bad people everywhere and we're fine with them because they blend among us.

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