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  1. Love is the main ingredient in everything. Chan added the love of a mother and the magic of her hands into his dish as it's main ingredient and won the competition.
    Love of a mother for her child is beyond every limits. And that's what we usually misunderstand and don't like her. But remember no any mother thinks bad for her child. She may take a wrong step for it, but the result she wants is always for our profit!! 😊😊

  2. mann.. please don't give any movie introductions..it really takes the hype for the movie.. it's like a briefing of the full story which makes the video less interesting…..

  3. Now I understand Koreans always say Japan stole kimchi because of this film. I don't know if this movie is a true story or not, but no one in Japan is saying that kimchi is a Japanese dish.

  4. Your accent of bulgogi is pretty hard to understand it took me 3sec to think about it…
    Better at least search how to pronounce the proper name of cuisines if you aren't familiar with it.

  5. Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle is the title of this nice movie. Thank you for all the recapped Sir! It was awesome and because of this I can watch movies it didn't come into my radar! More power!

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