1. Bait and switch. Not the movie you claim it is, and if you're going to pirate a movie, at least don't fuck up the audio! Went silent at 18:48, so I quit watching because if it happens once, it will probably happen again.

  2. Wow. Egregious acting. Execrable script. Atrocious cinematography. Horrible dialog. Poor plot. This one has it all! Suggested alternative: stick pins in yourself for 1 hour 48 minutes.

  3. I think this is the 3rd for this movie. Dark side can l remember was the one. Did not finised the first time. This is the name l cannot remember. Never finised it the first time. Must be a very cheap movie having not too many interactions and people involve. The one guy able to leave the place and come back, so what is keeping them there. If one can leave, why not the others?

  4. Whoever is not being a decent individual should be ashamed by acting in such a disrespectful way to someone who just wants to enjoy the movies that are advertised,carma will get you, unless you change your ways, it's never too late to do the right things in life.

  5. Click bait, lying advertised entertainment! ~ No appearance by Clooney! title is "Hard to Kill" and, may have you thinking it may be a Segal movie but, he's not in it either! … It's mediocre action/drama with a bunch of no-name actors. Still… for a D role movie, it's not that bad… so why lie about it!?! 😕👎

  6. This is crap, and no Clooney. Wouldn't pay to watch, too slow to watch for free. Not fooling me with fake thumbnails. Too much whisper talking, tough guy bull.

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