1. I just watched the movie so I can better appreciate this video in the way that the deaf children say that “our lives matter” really drives what “Black Lives Matter” means and how it’s not at all “All Lives Matter”

  2. For Clarification because someone spread misinformation below. After the incident. ihnwa school was closed and donated to a local Christian foundation.

    Important because some people are claiming it was a Catholic school. It was not. It was a Private Foundation run by a single family.

  3. Until this film came out, sex offenders were still in the school teaching students, and whistleblowers were fired. And after this film went out to public, trial was held and statute of limitaion has expired, so… Yes. They didn't go to jail.

  4. It was a difficult film to watch. I didn’t watch it all. Very sad how humans in authority abuse their power specially with innocent young children. One person came to did something but they still didn’t achieve justice.

  5. This movie has the guts to show us what is right, the writer of the novel was brave enough to publish this story. While some neglectful shitty people are running the country in the name of democracy. If you have power to change something you should change the wrong things and take appropriate measures- the culprits should be executed. The disabled childrens,they are already carrying a burden which you can't even dare to relate. Execute the culprits so that these type of criminals pee their pants before thinking about doing these type of things.

  6. I just finished watching this movie and it drove me to tears. It’s horrendous how the “adults” that where suppose to protect the children continued to commit such disgusting, and heinous actions against them.

  7. I've never seen the movie but just this summary is hard to watch
    As a teen myself, I can't imagine the frustration, helplessness, and anger I'd feel if I was in the situation
    I hope the real kids the movie is based on got their justice

  8. Sometime, we REALLY need an Onizuka in our life. Yeah, his method is unorthodox, but he treated and taught his students accordingly to their action and never view them as trash. Man, the guy saved so many students from suicide attempts.

  9. American: Quiet Place is about family survive by not making sound……and there's hearing imparement to hurt the monsters.
    Japanese: Our Silent Voice is about struggle of a boy after bullied a deaf girl.
    South Korea: We have Silenced, true story films about man in hearing world…..and some heavy society stuffs back then.
    Me: …….what…….what if we combine all of this?
    My brain: Silencing The Quiet Voice?????
    About dystopian world where people can't talk cause speaking is a taboo bad mouthing? About family struggle upon capitalist? And people have to do sign language cause speakings are banned?

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