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  1. It still funny how perspective work. You not gonna blame CO2 poisoning for the most kill count on the Planet instead blame Nuclear reactor for killing few brave worker who already sight that they know what will happen to them if something happen because disaster or human error on powerplant. In fact the most safety working condition on energy giant are nuclear powerplant. How many of common people know how much nuclear plant worker got or how much their pension they had?

  2. Fucking politicians will kill people just to cover up their mistakes and those guards literally lock people inside, these people should be punished by making them go through exact things the victims did, in this case radiation poisoning

  3. This movie is inspired by Japan’s Fukushima tsumani and nuclear plant meltdown. However, it feels like they also had some inspo from the Tokaimura nuclear plant accident in 1999. If there truly is one nuclear accident that has a hero which deserves his own movie it's got to be this one. Hisashi Ouchi was even tortured heavily by the doctors when he was dying from radiation sickness, because they saw it as a rare opportunity to collect data on the symptoms. I say tortured because they kept him alive even though he was basically melting away before their eyes.

  4. So what happens to the Prime Minister and the rest of his followers. And that "President" was an idiot. Why did you listen to those fools. The situation got worse. It was going to get worse anyway but by taking the reins after first hearing about it, a lot of things could've been avoid.

  5. Nuclear power isn't as scary as these movies make it out to be. Proper understanding and implementation would have gone a long way to preventing any previous incidents related to these plants.

  6. i for one feel that nuclear power is too risky.. i meanto use it in plants such as this one.. there will always be a risk of heating.. to the point of explosion and radiation leaks..look at what happened at Chernobyl. cant they find some other source of energy..that is not so dangerous ?? what good are the scientists if they cannot come up with one???? its so sad that so many lost their lives.. and it pisses me off that some politicians were willing to dismiss the lives of those workers..

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