1. I don't understand Why that 2019 girl who knows all records of that killer girl go & read all records @first day man!??? How she was not curious about it.. 🙄 btw I loved this movie. Khoop bhari movie aahe yr 👍

  2. The lady who played as the meta serial killer here was also the lady from Burning, thats some wild acting right there. The acting is amazing, I legit hated the serial killer and felt soooo bad for the protagonist. What a movie

  3. I actually watched this movie without watching the full trailer or hearing any spoilers. So I was quite clueless about what's happening first and boom, the plot twist hit me like that. Now, it's one of my favorites! I love Park Shin Hye but gosh, the character she portrays is quite dumb, instead of pitying her, I felt annoyed.

  4. I'm so glad I didn't catch the American remake of this because it's bound to be bloody awful like the ring and the grudge (Asian horror masterpieces that chilled me to my bones)
    this film had me on the edge of my seat wondering what the outcome would be
    just watch

  5. This movie is really good and very catchy form the start.
    Everything is so interesting, it just lacks few explanations like:
    1. How they're connected through a phone call
    2. If seo yeon's father was killed by oh young sook already, then how oh young sook can go into her own past to undo that.

  6. Can we talk about Jeon Jeong-Seo?? 😍

    oh my goodness… she's a good actress, literally the best ❣️ I first saw her in the movie, The Call. Her role their was very creepy and I was really terrified of her. She's that great in her acting! When I found out that she'll be playing as "Tokyo" in "Money Heist" I still can't forget her role in The Call and how terrified I am of her meaning, she's that great as an actress ❣️and the fact that she's a new actress, I am just so proud of her 💛

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