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  1. Almost all of these are pure and utter crap.
    I mean, look at how they completely ruined dragon riders! And that one
    That looks like Mitchell’s vs the machines. The only one that looks
    Good is the one that looks like spiderverse. But that’s just me getting my hopes up
    Like I did for Raya the last crapnugget and frozen poop.

  2. Me, seeing there is a Dragon Rider movie after it was one of my favorite books growing up: excited
    me, after seeing how they butchered it: "at this point, I should know better than to get my hopes up."

  3. My son at the age of 5 years old refused to eat at a certain fast food burger place because he was taught in kindergarten that they were in part killing the rainforest.
    We weren’t allowed to eat there either. I’m not saying who it is because I don’t want trouble. I will say it wasn’t McDonalds or Dairy Queen.

  4. Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon похож на перезапуск мультфильма Долина папоротников: Последний тропический лес 1992 года. Но Долина папоротников выглядит вроде получше

  5. I give up! I have never seen so many idea stealing, cliched plots, puerile ‘humour’ attempts at animation. This epitomises dumbing down – in a nutshell a total crapfest from the female Tarzan rip off to the Timone and Puma blatant rip off from the Lion King – heaven help us. Give the new animators/story tellers a chance to do something original – as things stand you get a giant ???????? from me!

  6. "Die besten Animationsfilme AUS HOLLYWOOD, hauptsächlich von Disney mit der immergleichen, unfassbar langweiligen Formel 08/15 für Kinder bis 6 Jahren!" … ist der Korekte Titel für diesen upload.

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