1. Well when she was having a doubt that there is something paranormal then only she should have run not doing timepass with the ghost and by the way why the hell she have to practice at night when no one is there she could have practiced at her home if she wanted to practice at night or she could have practiced at day time also

  2. Bruh when she was on the ground and tried to get away.. she was taking a long time and she should of hurried up.. if I was her I would of get the hell out of there????.. I wouldn't stay for no one.. but her reflection looked kinda funny how she was trying to do all the moves at the end????❤️????????

  3. this is unnerving. the mirror ballerina's movement seems kinda odd? and not human like. every movement she makes just makes me hold my breath to anticipate jump scare or anything like that. this is great, i rarely get this kind of feeling when watching horror films.

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