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  1. I get so frustrated with ignorant people. I know it's just a movie but hey, if someone being a complete ass pulls a blade on you trying to instill fear and the knife ended up in the dude's neck, what would you do? Not what he did I hope!
    And his friend Eddie, who took the blade away from him, what would you do in his position? Again, not what he did I hope!
    Lack of wisdom, both of them!!

    There are two scenario's, since this is a faith based movie, There is the spiritual perspective and then there is the worldly perspective. The objective's are, "not to sin against God" and
    "to stay out of jail." Both scenario's are possible for both objectives!! Anyone? 😇

  2. Is it possible to be so bigoted in the 21st century? In the most hypocite, egoistic, materialist nation? That's pure judeo-christian propaganda… aka proselytisme.

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