1. Are all clips for advertisement only. Over and over again clips been seem but theres no confirmation from hyun bin thhe is gooing to marry sonyejin.
    Why is hyun bin not telling the public about marrying syjin. The parents are the ones who is positive about it.
    This is not good for

  2. This is a breakthrough for huyn bin. Wow! It is very rare for a leading actor turned to be the bad guy in I started to love him now after crush landing on you. He was so manly I mean he's beauty was natural. My ultimate korean actor:
    1. Lee Minho
    2. Ji ChangWook
    3. Hyun Bin
    4. Park SoJeon

  3. Rooting for the two of you! Please do another project after CLOY, pretty please ???? your on/off screen chemistry is the best! I have never EVER shipped an actor&actress to be together this hard! #RiRixBinJin couple fighting!!! In grocery we trust ????

  4. Well there we see THE TWO MOST . PERFECT, BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE ,TALENT, CHARISMA COUPLE . Equally refined, elegant, modest . Korea; enjoying the discovery of your extremely professional team work .Talented, innovative, people in an over crowed Industry. I would put you above the others. No problem with VO subtitles. Voices so much a part of an Actors take on his or her Role. An absolute Fan of HYUN BIN since MOA. on Netflix. We in Europe are not in the Distribution for the last 4 films.Tried Buying on Amazon . Must have USA Postal address. Annoying.

  5. ????????‍♀️. From. ????????. 2019. I saw a few comments that mirrored my wish and that it would be lovely if they collaborate on a romantic drama together in the near future. I have great respect for their acting skills and both of them have a gentle aura. I think Son Ye Jin is one of Koreas most beautiful actress, one who can form chemistry no matter who you pair her with. She won me over in an old drama called Personal Taste with Lee Minho. ????????. ???? ???? ????????‍♀️❣️

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