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  1. First movie, how LizQuen was being formed. The directors had a very difficult time trying to convince Enrique for this movie according to Director Vanessa. But when he found out that Liza was going to be his best friend he agreed immediately even though he was so busy those days. This was right before “King of the Gil” concert so he had a lot of reasons to decline. Bea even said she had to shoot on Sundays for Quen even if she never wanted to shoot on Sundays. FOREVERMORE was made after this, the start of LIZQUEN.

  2. Love love this movie watch when I can. Don’t get sick of watching such a good happy story. Bea Alonzo is so amazing and of course her leading men Dingdong and Enrique. 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Dingdong has to learn how to use his eyes in projecting his feelings That's however understandable because he is not in love with Bea, BUT HE IS AN ACTOR, SO HE SHOULD BE ONE! The rest are very good in this movie except Dingdongs acting in that part . SUCH A PITY!

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