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  1. Is it possible that these aliens are God's Arch Angels. If one recalls that God said no angel, mainly Arch-angels, we're told not to interfer with the movements of humanity. It has been stated that some did not heed God's rules and that is why Lucifer was put underground and surely not allowed to speak but could influence via telepathy. This style of influence has been known since many, many, many years ago.

  2. My grandfather served at Roswell army Air base during this time. Reading his journals from over his lifetime has been fun but the things he wrote about this day have been rather eye opening.

  3. My grandad was one of the first Jeeps to turn up..he told me that what he say that day.gave him lifetime of nightmare's.. they're not from out space.he said but actually from this place we call earth.just far far beyond the antarctic..he told me we are just an experiment they made
    And that we are like ants too them..the world governments have known for a long time..we have to just let them do what they have always done.take 100s of thousands of humans each year.foe what he didn't know.bur said it's wasn't for any Good….and if humanity knew the Truth of this place..then society Will collapse.and all religions are a kind of control…but our life forms we have been created into..is dieing off..we are getting less smarter and are corroding like iron..after a time we'll be just a dumb creature

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