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  1. Do not watch this movie; they ALL DIE! No one is left in the end. The action and thriller are spectacular, but the ending is not worth it. They all kill each other, the bad and the good guys. Everyone tries to get revenge only to end up dead. In fact, there is no end. Actually, it is everyone's ending because they ALL DIE!!!! There were sarcastic flirts between the two main characters, but they didn't get to display no type of affection. If you are looking for an action tv show with at least SOME sort of ending, watch "My name," but warning you it does not escape a sad ending.

  2. I got half way through and thought it was shit so I stopped watching. After watching the top 30 or so movies on the sight and sound top 100 movies of all time list I think it gave me a higher standard for a movie to entertain me.

  3. What's it with Korean gangs and not having guns… Are guns really hard to find that side cz most movies I seen… A person shows up with a gun nd they are all dead💁‍♂️

  4. 4th time watching this masterpiece. This is my 2nd fav Korean Movie of all time. My fav Korean Movie of all time is "I Saw The Devil". And This one deserve soooo many precious awards. The boy proved that the Real actor don't need to have a pretty make-up face or surgery face. Really appreciate u guys for this masterpiece. Love y'all. Keep it real buddies🤗

  5. I have never regretted watching a movie like I did this. What was that in the end? Very disappointing, there is nothing creative about that end, and when I realised that Tae gu was being stabbed like crazy I lost interest and started forwarding I didn't see the point of continuing till the end.

  6. If you haven't seen this movie yet Get To It ! For my money the best movies and dramas come from Korea and China. Good stories, great acting and usually a nice surprise tucked in somewhere, you never can be sure where the ride will take you. Love the end of this movie. I just remembered, if you like this move check out 22 Bullets starring Jean Reno here on YouTube.

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