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  1. My grandfather died 2 years ago. I didn't had the chance to bid him goodbye neither i had time to properly grieve. I never cried and it's maybe the reason why i carry this guilt in me. I wasn't close with him but he was a good grandfather.

  2. This video makes me miss my granparents so bad, every time I watched something about memories it always made me despressed for the rest of the day 😢

  3. Life is a cycle. I was a kid, I grew up, now trying to be an adult and set up a life. I found my love, and I look forward to spend my life with him. It is like a quarter of a second that the years will pass. I will (wish to) see my self holding a baby, raising her, making her hold her baby, and this goes on and on and on… I hope to get old together with the loved ones in happiness.

  4. In this short flim…his daughter took care of her father instead sending him to Hospice or olds home…like we see in real life…no one have time for their old parents…for a better care they send their parents away from home and family so caretaker can take care of them…its not the same i believe…May God take as away in working hands and feet before being burden on kids…Ameen..

  5. I never ever saw my grandfather in my life before my birth he died.. lucky you guys have grandfathers love them take care of them because there are many people who never ever feel this love

  6. As the eldest daughter that has reached the age of getting married. I realized there are a lot of moments rarely captured in pictures all along my life. This made me realized why my parents or mostly elders love to take pictures when their loved ones gathered together or simply when the silliest moments occured, because they want to keep the memories and treasure it. Thank you for capturing this message in the most wonderful way. A well-deserved movie indeed.

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