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  1. Bro your every videos is based on true fact …who have know that he is a educated person that person definitely understood..indian people forgot about their career they are just taking about religion but we even know that most of person don't do their religion perfectly if they would have know about religion then types of hate would have never been seen before

  2. This video is much needed people to understand difference between black and white.. love & respect is the only key for happiness in this world to progress. Hatreds will always destroy people's life & growth

  3. Very rational talk with rational evidence, but jaise tune every news article uthaya , tu har ek crime ke behind individual ke religion dekhle , pata chal jayega ki intolerance kismein hein , ager ek party ka ek narative mein tujhko dhikkat hain , to tujhko ye pata chalna chahiye ke particular political party ke jaise koi particular religion hi khun kharapi dange ke piche pare hain,
    Tune sab article laga nahin ,, laya karr sab

  4. Bhaiya tumne ye massage share kar ke bohot atcha Kiya salute you bro …at present people like is very important for our country…happy independence day.JAY HIND JAY BHARAT🇮🇳

  5. Irony is that you do not stay in India and speak about our country…man with miniscule size of everything…god forbid..with his invisible size..he is M…shhhhhhh..I'm not allowed…love thy neighbors and they come with insecurities

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