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  1. Didn't like the climax … Saif should hav got the girl cuz he repented n regretted cuz it wasn't over between them both… chandrachur is a nice guy in a movie he would hav got a nice girl instead his bein a gud support n a gud friend to her ba according to me Saif should hav got the girl he must have fought for her at the end n ask chandrachur politely to plz give her pretty back n begged Preety for her from herself the climax must have been nice yeah Saif deserves some a#s kicking n humiliation ba end his the one who must have gone wit Pretty…. what u say people?

  2. Ek bo time tha jb Bollywood me so meaningful movie bnati thi…. Es movie me sb kuch add h beautiful songs, osm story, outstanding acting ❤️❤️❤️ bahut time se search kr rhi thi ye movie finally mil gyi ????????????

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