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  1. i notice you've been doing a lot of recaps from hwang jung min lately and I'm definitely not complaining ???? he's such a great actor and he kills each one of his characters. ode to my father is definitely my favorite film of his alongside the wailing have you perhaps done a recap of this one? if not pls do so!! ???? one of the best korean horror film

  2. In this movie, Dok Soo met several historical persons just like Forrest Gump met John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley. 2:54 Little Dok Soo is polishing gentleman's shoes, who is a founder of Hyundai Corp. 2:58 He drives green truck with sign of "現代建設", means Hyundai Engineering & Construction. It's a mother company of Hyundai Motor.

  3. The ending is sad, i wish he knew where his father was but does the burden of the family really fall on the oldest male if the father isn't around. I mean the sisters fiance and his family should have fund the wedding not him.

  4. sorry to say but {the INDIAN movie named as BHARAT has stolen the full concept of this movie} BECAUSE BOTH OF THE MOVIE IS EXACTLY SAME TO SAME……….if you wanna you can also can have a check for sure!!!
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