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  1. Why should she have any idea what other people or person is going through. And kept on saying sorry, which she should be saying to Max.
    So far not enjoying the movie

  2. She is so rude when she says, really tough job you got there Max.
    In fact she has been rude to him since he saved her. But madam doesn't acknowledge the fact and also no gratitude whatsoever.

  3. TOTALLY AWESOME. I KNEW, from the "snow rescue" — to ESPECIALLY the "No room at the Inn" and the irony (can't explain that right now) — of the MAYOR and the role SHE and her family played in this beautiful presentation, that this was going to be one of the finest and best all around Christmas movies I've seen and that will ALWAYS be on the top of my list for great Holiday enjoyment — and a totally profound effect on my overall life in general. PLEASE WATCH and ENJOY and include in your home libraries. I guarantee you that it will enlighten your Holiday spirits for the rest of your lives, if you so allow it. And again, as my old friend from "across the pond" so perfectly pointed out so many years ago, "God Bless Us, Everyone."

  4. This is a really good movie and it reminds me of one of my sisters who has a wonderful relationship with her in-laws and her daughters in-laws and they all get together every holiday and birthdays as a Grandchildren and special events throughout the year and they take turns going to each other‘s houses and when my parents were alive we all got together with her husband‘s parents and it was a lot of fun because it meant a family vacation down to another state they would come up to our farm and they were farmers it was just wonderful and I really enjoyed this movie so thank you for having it available for us to watch. Even though we know that people don’t fall in love that quickly least I don’t believe they do it is nice to know that in a matter of a couple hours you can put a whole movie together about family values and love and kindness and happiness because we all need that are in amongst the stress of life… And for me just couldn’t come at a better time today and that’s all I have to say!!😂😊♥️❣️ God bless you for this movie❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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