1. What people say when it’s on YouTube: can we take a moment to talk about how they post a video every day to make us happy?

    vs when it’s on tik tok: first or bro why is their so much people saying first I no 10 people can’t all be first like nobody cares if ur first 💀

    that what i see every time 🙈

  2. And make them not answer anymore and it said cousins or grandma I just don’t wanna be her off cause I don’t never came so yeah and I hope that there actually I am sure she never in the school building never

  3. I am can you make because I feel like I’m in trouble but you’re actually identical twins if you change your name after the twin brother whose hair is red and ask her head is blue and I do actually identical twins in eighth and the mother some work on my birthday ing up or not

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