1. idk why this makes me mad but it aint the moms fault. awena is being delusional and dumb. like wtf?!? its not like the mom bribed the director, the mom literally went to the audition with awena to support her. awena is such a bitch

  2. Honestly Awena is such a bitch. Her mom gave up her entire life, her entire dream, only to raise her with/without her dad. Awena never appreciated all the things her mother did for her. She knew she had effed up the audition and she'd still gotten a role, but she only cared about her mom getting the better one. Her mother had finally gotten the chance for her dreams to come true and she sucked the happiness out of her. Also Awena never even wanted the role in the first place so why the heck was she this upset!?

  3. I don’t get why she was mad at her mom for having the lead role cus it wasn’t even her real dream to be an actress it was her mom’s I know her mom wasn’t such a gud mom but still don’t get why she was mad

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