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  1. They are freaked out by how "nowadays people is doing plastic surgery to dogs" INSTEAD OF DEBARKING SURGERY Removing vocal cords so they become dumb!! 😱🤯 Every single line and frame is pure gold🙌🏻🖤

  2. I think maybe she lost an ability of hers, but they liked how she looks? So they are considering to be like her, because their gaze reflects consideration and not disgust.

  3. Korean society is so scary with their doll like plastic surgery thing going on … They are so superficial it hurts 🙁 you look good the way your genetics made you look , pls stop trying to look like dolls with huge eyes and tiny noses

  4. i feel like people don't really get it. they are like but she's pretty and the plastic face looks worse. the way they look doesn't matter ugly or not this is happening. people are dieing to look different

  5. When humans have the sense of self worship is absolutely evil. It’s the ultimate act of idolatry in Gods view. But Asian society is totally dependent on the jones next door says. Sad, cause Koreans girls have some of the most naturally beautiful facials features around the world. Strange planet we living in🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. Wait so her family got plastic surgery, but they didn't want her to get it?
    Did they regret their surgeries or were they just being like "You're too young, leave it"

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