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  1. It’s a pleasure to have ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ premiere on Alter. Everyone worked really hard through the cold weather to make this film so it’s great to finally get it in front of the appropriate audience. I hope it doesn’t put anyone off going camping anytime soon!

  2. Ya Gotta LOVE Violence Against Women in Film(s) .. … 🤨😑🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️😑😑😑😫😑😑😑
    . … ..
    This Is For Anyone. And or Everyone who comes across this who if applicable is inclined to respond.
    I Like Brimstone, i Like 99% of the Dragon Tattoo features, I Like Coralie Fargeats (sp) Revenge, I Like A Lonely Place To Die.. … heck – it was Definitely weird, but Men was .. "Doable". …

    What.. … is the purpose with this specific, explicit storyline though (And by all means, if this query, coupled with my small hodgepodge of titles seems fundamentally hypocritical. If Applicable I'll be glad to Differentiate between Any, And/Or all of them.
    … .
    The Best Facet (imo) that this has going for it is its Intermittent similarities with the EXQUISITE A Lonely Place to Die and the Equally Exquisite The Survivalist.

    Not Sure.
    This'll be Believed. Or Even Understood ftm.
    – Not trying to be a jerk. Or killjoy.
    This very very very particular type of narrative/story just confuses me though.

  3. What the hell happened? I could understand the whole idea of him getting possessed by the tree and killing his girlfriend but then what was the other stuff about??? The figure he saw? Her disappearing, him not getting help after what he did, why did he wake up in the middle of the forest?

  4. A lot of people saying they don't understand what happened – it's ambiguous for good reason 🙂 it forces you to really investigate it yourself.

    There's little talking which allows for a wider scope of emotional and atmospheric tension – of which both the lead actors did a brilliant job of articulating in both movement and expression. There are a number of signs that point towards the meaning behind it all, the tree(s), the sounds, and the specific shots and framing etc. This kind of horror is so much more profound than a few jumpscares and a gorey mess. The colour pallete is beautiful and the function behind each specific colour choice (yellow/blue coats, dark water, even the daylight setting) is very satisfying.

    This is very original given its setting, as well as insanely-well shot – I'm a huge fan of interesting cinematography so this was a pleasure to watch. I look forward to more 🙂

  5. This went straight over my head. Watched it again. Just to see if I had missed something? Or is there a follow up? I’m still sitting here, trying to work out what’s going on?🤨
    If he did hit his head? Wouldn’t she have gone looking for him? This wasn’t horror.
    Well, not in my opinion anyway.
    Great acting. Location. But, I have no idea wtf went on?!

  6. My take on it is that he fell and hit his head on the tree stump which knocked him out and likely gave him a concussion. That led to him having this vivid fucked up dream to where he kills his gf and tries to hide the body. Then in the dream realizing her body is not there when he wakes up, which is why he goes to look for her, before finally snapping back to reality and waking up back in the woods where he was knocked out. He may have only been knocked out for a minutes to a couple hours. Because his gf had not come looking for him if he was passed out all night and into the next morning, where she would've likely found him by now. The tree with the carvings may have been a cursed tree of a previous couple, which could have also contributed to the haunting dream he had while he was knocked unconscious. The girlfriends is likely still alive at the bottom of the hill still waiting on his return. Just my take on it.

  7. Would anybody please explain what happened??? It's not cool when you make a movie and nobody understands it. It makes it a shitty movie.
    Explanation please.

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