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  1. Good grief, I didn't see ANY OF THIS coming! Even from the thumbnail! That's why when you see that nonsense at the front porch, THAT'S when you leave. Right then! You don't ask questions. You don't wait for an explanation. You kindly tell her dad that you were just dropping her off, tell her you're sorry, then you BOUNCE!

    Great job, everyone. I was trying to figure out how that thumbnail was going to happen, but you guys and dolls DEFINITELY snuck it up on me. Round of applause!

  2. I LOVED IT, Alter is always exceeding expectations, this is exactly what comedy horror should be, also loved the soundtrack, props to the creator Javier Chavanel! Hiciste un trabajo increíble! Espero ver más de tus películas en el futuro!

  3. Wth Ricky Martin picture in the newspaper 🤣🤣🤣 lol so they are ki..er alien🤣 the guy should not d.. and he should k.ll all of them and then take off his human mask and his face is more scary than them and also ev.. and smile and lick their blood on the knife😂

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