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  1. Hey everyone! My name's Russell, I wrote and directed this little movie about the things we can't explain that end up worming their way into our brains. Allison and the whole production & post teams crushed it! So excited to read all your comments, questions, theories, and delivery scams of your own 🙂

  2. nothing more scary than when you are feel someone's stalking at you but you are feel protected because you can check the cctv real time to check if anybody stalking or suspicious things around your houses.

    i feel the same way too , its happen when i keep hearing something banging on my metal door at 2:30 a.m at the first i thought it was a poltergeist, and then i went to check the cctv's that placed in the front of my shop , guess what i witness ? someone cuts the wire of my cctv's and turned down the electricity

    situations change immediately as i am gets scared and panicking , i was hiding in the closet until sun rise and i called the police . that's the real horror , honestly it was the second times that my shop got terror by some weirdo's. only at the first time i was outside the town for some meeting

    i buy a guns and a high voltage taser , i always bring it with me now for my own safety.

  3. Yooo the moment I saw the bulletproof vest, I was so scared. I don't fully understand what's going on with Julia like who was watching her but this short scared me

  4. That was REALLY GOOD

    I love how they left it for interpretation whether it is a metaphor for her slipping from one addiction into another (alcoholism to obsession & hoarding) or something even more sinister going on like she is in a simulation game or something!

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