1. the way this movie makes a criticism to beauty standards is something else, its scary and creepy, but its also something that makes you reflect abt our society issues, and how they affect people's life everyday.

  2. Me watching in 2022 when "fox eye" surgery and chin implants are in huge demand 👀… loved this movie and grateful for my natural face.

  3. I gotta admit that I used to follow girls that has this sharp chin and sharp nose etc on Instagram. Mostly are girls from Thailand, China, and Korea. At first it was cool but then more girls started popping up on my explore feed and a lot of them look alike. Like they are twins or something. As if they are wearing a mask with very similar templates.

    It's just me, though. If they like it, more power to them. But to me, its hella creepy so I unfollowed all of them and cleaned up my explore tab.

  4. You are beautiful , you don't have to get surgery unless it is prescribed by doctor for your medical issues. You are beautiful and unique because you are different and not all doctors are good in plastic surgery so be careful.

  5. My theory is that she went through with the surgery and survived. She goes back home after the surgery and sits down at the table. After some time her family looks at her. If you look closely at 9:299:30, you can see her chest moving meaning that she is alive. I think that the surgery went wrong because if you go back to 9:16, the doctor says, "Damn, I'm in trouble." She goes back home, and like I said earlier, after some time, her family looks at her. I thought that maybe her face was severely botched and that she had looked different from her family. We also don't know how her family reacted because their face is basically their only emotion.
    NOTE: Sorry if my explanation was terrible. My theory is probably stupid, but I hope you can see why it kinda makes sense 😖. This is just my opinion on what I've seen and read in the comments to come up with my theory. Keep up the great work Alter. </3

  6. I love how because of society she feels like she has to do it but I was also waiting to see how much the surgeon messed up a bit disappointed but overall I'd say this is one of my favorites

  7. for those wondering why her face isn’t shown at the end — you don’t need to see what it looks like, just look at the faces of her family members. they all look the same, and so does she.

  8. I think the end of the film was meant to show us that in a world where everyone is the same, no one is really gonna know who you are. I think she died while having the surgery and the doctor didn't want to suffer the consequences so he took her place or had someone else took her place and no one would really know what happened. Her family just looked at the person who joined them at the table and immediately assumed it was her.

    You lose your life when you lose your individuality. Because then you've given up on living for yourself and started to just live to become just like everyone. There is no U in everyone. Chour hahah

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