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  1. Did you really just call him James "Bra-Lin"??? That actor is the great James Brolin "Bro-Lin". A great actor himself, but also the father of josh Brolin, the guy that played Thanos and Cable and was in The Goonies… Your video is only 9 minutes long. At least do 60 seconds of research to pronounce a dude's name properly before putting out your crap that everybody already knows about.

  2. I tried to write a ghost story once, and got really into it, but I stopped when weird stuff started happening in real life. Now I believe that creating paranormal entertainment can lead to real things happening, lol

  3. Love your content ♥️I’ve been following since the beginning. I know your mom wasn’t doing well for a while and I hope all is well with her and your family now. Best wishes♥️♥️

  4. Well I don't know what to tell you, don't mess with the Paranormal, it's all I can say. However if people want to explore that route (which I do myself), there could be consequences and that's that. However I'm still careful on how I approach it. Thanks as always for your content, I love it!!!!!!!

  5. Huh, I’m from the Netherlands. It honestly didn’t even occur to me that people would read “Ommen” as “omen”. However, our road signs don’t really have decimal points, so it would likely have been 66 kilometers…

  6. John Landis should have gone to prison. It was even illegal to have kids at shoots at night and a few other things. He instructed the pyro technician to add more explosions even when he told Landis it was already too much to be safe and I think it went over the limit. He did everything to break the law for that scene and NOTING happened to him. You can even see the helicopter blade cut into them, the scene was used in court so it is one of just a few filmed movie deaths that is available to the public.

  7. do you think you could hire someone to do the commentary as your voice is very silly sounding and over the top which I find off putting and I'm sure I'm not the only one I'm gonna go easy on you because you have only been doing this for a few years but it really is painfully obvious that you don't have any YouTube qualities at all

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