1. Thanks for uploading this. I have decided that I only enjoy amazing films or really shit films. This falls into the catagory of really really shit, so I enjoyed it.

  2. That's the one thing that always bothered my about the movie: 1:41:42. He says "Yes, I said I would hook you up," he never actually admits to owning or using cocaine. No admission of guilt anywhere. Even with the tape (and the snorting sounds on it) it would still be a he said-he said story. The only way he'd get back into Harvard would be if Harvard/Van Holden had a particularly crappy lawyer and Matt a really good one. As a lawyer, this always annoyed me

  3. ????of men are cold in the last days????, turn now❗for what is the deal if you gain the whole world but still lose your own soul..⌚????????☠just like in the days of Noah God will judge the world⌛wake up‼

  4. For any English lad reading this… imagine some young American lad watching this film in high school hahahaha. This film seemed great back in the day but hilarious watching this in 2021. Elijah Wood as one of West Ham's top boys hahahaha. Honestly, worth the watch for how funny it is. But you cannot take it seriously as any depiction of real life. If you've read this much you may as well give me a thumbs up. Also, the actress who plays Elijah Wood's sister is low key fit as fuck. IMO anyway haha. Ahhh banter.

  5. Someone please explain to me the fucking story behind where this movie has been hidden for such a long period of time. It’s not even that say it’s like a well written script but filmed as a b movie. This is the Real deal Holyfield here! Good quality for year it came out, insane casting job well done! Quit holding your dicks, thank this man! I wonder if he had this monetized? I’d think if they demonetized it they led delete it. Odd

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