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  1. Ok, "Brain," I wanna know just how many people actually know Slim Whitman music WITHOUT having to Google search it first. LOL! I am quite sure there arent many of us left. Those that remain are permanently warped for having listened to all the old yoddle-type singers from back in the day Im sure. ha ha ha!

  2. Cole & Mr Brian you two are comedy gold! LOL! 😂
    But alas I think the fence costing went up a skootch with all the extra nails. And is the "Gotta spend money to make money" mean that if I spend (your)money you'll make some more for me to spend? 😄🙏💙🐨

  3. Just a thought for you. When I put in corner bracing I drill a hole through the post into the center of the brace and then drive 3/8 rebar through the hole. No nails and it’s way stronger.

  4. Take a-fence to my comments? I'm not responsable for your Feelins? Just like, I'm not responsable for YouTube Comments. Once we Subscribe, we can die, and still be Subscribed. Why Wait? Live On!!!!!

  5. All my life we had 5 wire fences. Wooden posts and steeples pounded in to hold the wire. Used a comealong to stretch the wire bull tight.
    You guys were on a roll! Cracked me up 🤣. Great modification on the corn head! Gotta spend money to make money is so true! Still praying for rain for all of us🙏.

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