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  1. OK so I thank you very much for this video and I’m trying it out myself right now I was following you all the way up until you get to this part
    I had to really look through your video transcript to see what did I miss did you say it, because when I was looking at the video I did not see you do it. So that’s where I got lost at. I copied the transcript to your where I get lost at now this is what you said 👇🏽

    6:08 For example, as you can see, I'm going to paste the shorter link right here under the

    6:12. first video.

    6:13 As you can see, this is my first URL link,
    which means that if people click on my link

    6:18 right here, I can earn a different amount
    of money depending on which country they're

    So now that I shared with you lose me at where exactly did you pasta the new URLs that we shorten so I can copy it in the same spot so people can click on the URL and I can get paid like you say thank you so much.

  2. Great, great, I really like this type of video, you share us some super interesting content, that I want to send to my friends, so I will pass on your link, always pay attention to your channel, keep going..

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