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  1. Fine movie. thanks for inviting us to view it. All good actors and very good director. Van der Beek quit Hollyweird and relocated to Texas with his wife and kids. There, his kids have a chance for a normal life.

  2. Why do women desire to display their breasts [the top is the same as the bottom, not just the nipple protruded] in a supposed entertainment medium. Bought and sold their hearts and souls not for Heaven. Disclosed later landing not there, too.

    Modesty is holiness or unholy. Those desiring and legitimizing are caught in the web entombed too.

  3. I clicked in at 26:37 and 1:01:23 to get the flavour before I watch it. Is it that the whole town has become werewolves ? At 37:20 "An octopus just ate my sister". "OK, otherwise how's it going guys ?". Hang on a minute, at 1:02:30 that isn't a small fishing community in the North Atlantic, that's Lake Winnipeg and I'm about the next lake east and I go out in my plastic kayak. Help !

  4. Narrow minded, bigots really bother me, and in real life that does happen. The American Indians were here in this country before everybody else got here, so the idiots can stop being assholes. I have actually seen the attitudes towards indians and I did not like it.

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