1. Hey bro I want to see if you could help me out I keep trying to use traffic ads bar but it keeps telling me that I miss leading my ads and I’m making my ads super basic

  2. Alright someone's gotta say it. I hate to be a debbie downer here, but this video and most of the other ones on his channel and other similar channels aren't going to get you "easy" money like the title says. I mean obviously it has potential to, but you'd have to spend hours a day committing to it, and even then I feel like it's unlikely. The payouts are very small often times, and are certainly not worth it for all of the time and energy you need to put into these online money making strategies. So many tedious steps, and I feel like for all of these affiliate ones and offers where you have to get views/clicks, you already need to have a pretty large fan base for it to even work. You're better off finding something you love and pouring your heart and soul into it. That's how you'll make actual good money, and you'll be way happier. I'll give Reis credit, he's made some videos with good money making ideas (drop shipping, etsy to name a few) but ones like this aren't worth the time in my opinion. It's amazing he's trying to help people and I'm not trying to be a hater, just telling it like I see it. If anybody reading this comment has actually made the amount of money listed in the title, please reply to this comment. I'm actually curios. Anyways have a great day!

  3. you have all these options to make serious money and yet you make youtube vids that pay almost nothing instead. i doubt you can ern 800 a day even if you get 10 sponsorships for every vid

  4. You did a video about amazon affiliate. What do i put on taxes? Individual, company? i cant progress, because im afraid to put something wrong on the taxes part.

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