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  1. Exactly !
    I tried more than 10-15 sites or app to earn passive income after seeing some youtube videos most of these sites says earn without skill!!

    I never made money not even once !

    Yes most times using such methods will give the wrong results !!

    Crazy thing is people still watch such videos how to make money easily ????????

  2. The hardest thing is making money is not only the job to focus. As a beginner need to research and practice a lot. When I work on that I am not able to focus on other works. So I would like if you have some experience and advise on this. To make a video… Thanks..

  3. Hi Ishan,

    I am a CA (Chareterd Accountant) final student & I want to get jobs in coding industry, but i had commerce in 12th & B.Com in graduation, simply i dont have any background in PCM/ B Tech. So pls tell whether companies will even entertain such non-tech students or directly kick them out of the interview.

    And is there any chance of getting into FAANG companies later on for such non-tech students.

  4. I would suggest to change your video thumbnail title to something like a warning… so people would know what this video about ( warning about scams )

    I almost skipped this video thinking of it as another exaggerated YouTube videos.

    The title, and thumbnail of video are not relevant, most people will judge your video by your thumbnail.

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