1. I’ll never understand why most of the movies I end up watching and liking are offbeat,quirky and monotonous. This was a good flick. Yee Haw by mystery theater

  2. Ummm, why is it showing Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler and when I google this move neither one of them are in it. RUN! I DON'T TRUST STUFF IF THEY LIE TO GET YOU TO CLICK ON IT.

  3. not bad and believe it or not i called it that he set up the locked in a theater scene, but i guess i totally missed the transition where they went from hating each other to kissing and making out in the theater in a span of like one hour. still not a horrible movie.

  4. It's not Adam Sandler, and the plot isn't super imaginative, but I watched the whole thing. I was entertained. Go in with low expectations. THERE ARE ZERO COMMERCIALS AT LEAST!

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