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  1. Can somebody please explain what this movie was about who were these people did the girl have an abortion or something what are people against abortions please somebody tell me this is Gianni I have no idea what this movie was about it was more funny than it was scary

  2. This Movie Is Dumb AS Fuck and Beyond Annoying. Writers Need To Go Back To Writers School, Custom Designer Came From Sesame Street.. The Main Character and Friends Are Fucking Stupid ( Thanks To The Poor Script Writing ) … Direction and Cinematography Work Is Piss Poor Sad.

  3. When her Mum told her to take responsibility for her actions, I had a lol at that, because my stepdaughter is the same, likes to blame other people for her actions and words!! Sex is totally over rated, my daughter is 18 years old and she isn't even interested in sex, thank God for that!! She doesn't want children either.

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