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  1. Best comedy : sinkhole (et), (fans)
    Best action : escape from Mogadishu (et), space sweepers (fans)
    Best Crime : on the line (et), recalled (fans)
    Best thriller : midnight (et), (fans)
    Best romance : miracle (et), Josee (fans)
    Best drama : I (et), (fans)
    Best cast : space sweepers (et) (fans)
    Movie of the year : escape from Mogadishu (et), midnight (fans)

  2. I agree with EonTalk 100%. For me "Midnight" had too many dumb scenes to be even considered as the best of the year and Seo Yea Ji performance was good but not the best of the year. I think people voted for her only to show her their support over the recent scandal.

  3. @Eontalk Not sure if anyone's mentioned it but the link provided for Miracle & Waiting for Rain is the same… fyi.
    Great work, love this channel… Thank you.

  4. If u r a fan of mystery movie, RECALLED is really the best choice of this year. Actress Seo Yeaji’s acting is so impressive! As good as her former mystery drama SAVE ME

  5. does anyone else feel that there's been a drop in quality of Korean movies, that they're just not churning out masterpieces one after another like they did in the 2010's?

  6. Excellent recommendations!
    We've seen about a third of the films on the list that made Eontalk's personal pick for the #1 spot and all were outstanding.

  7. Best Comedy:
    Eon=>Sinkhole Fans=> Sinkhole
    Best Action:
    Eon=> Escape from Mogadishu Fans=>Space Sweepers
    Best Crime/Mystery:
    Eon=> On the line Fans=>Recalled
    Best Horror/Thriller:
    Eon=> Midnight Fans=>Midnight
    Best Melodrama/Romance:
    Eon=> Miracle Fans=> Josee
    Best Drama:
    Eon=> I Fans=> I
    Movie of the year:
    Eon=> Escape from mogadishu Fans=>Midnight

  8. PLEASE PLEASE start doing a "Best Korean Movies of the WEEK/MONTH" Category and include YOUR Preferences along with the actual Movie Data. And I know this Channel caters SPECIFICALLY to Korean Cinema Fans, but why not add a Video per Week OR Month outlining New Films/Series from OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES like CHINA, JAPAN, VIET., Etc. Your the ONLY reviewer that is CONSISTENT with bringing out K-Movies/TV Series and you could bring in SO MUCH more Views and Subs by doing this. Just a thought. Happy New Years and looking forward to another Great Year in K-Cinema

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