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  1. I just watched "princess and the matchmaker" and almost all historical kdramas and was looking for more THANKYOU FOR THIS VIDEO I JUST LOVE HISTORICAL GENRE

  2. The admiral is always the first for me. As a big fan of historical movies this has been my fave…lost count on how many times ive watche ld this…This movie is Epic

  3. New 2021 Hyuk Jang flick! "THE SWORDSMAN" Great martial arts and storyline.
    "The Pirates" is here free. That was heck of good ???????? Strong female lead and hilarious handsome admirer. Korean version of Pirates of the Caribbean with male and female lead. "The Tiger" is really good too.

  4. The crowned clown drama was the same as The masquerade movie and the plot was based on on true events .i didn't saw the movie but I saw the drama starring yeo jin goo and it was mind-blowing.

  5. Great selection of Korea's finest cinema. I truly love "The Admiral: Roaring Currents," and "The Great Battle." Both films depicted epic struggles between tiny elements of Korea's military (13 ships under Admiral Yi Sun Shin in the former and 5,000 men commanded by Yang Manchun in the latter) against not only juggernaut size forces (the 0ver 300 strong Japanese fleet and the 200,000 Tang Dynasty soldiers for each movie), but also facing obstacles from within their own country. And, the grand scale of both films, combined with the brilliant display of military/political strategy and tactics, really was a feast for the eyes. I also find that Korea's great masterpiece "Tae Guk Gi (Brotherhood of War)" (2001), is one of the greatest historical movies of all time, with its profound plot of two brothers thrust into the horrors of war who are equally shaped by it, being witnesses to some of the most important events of the Korean War.

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