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  1. Jesus-Jammy Drivel! Liked the way they left out that w/ a voice like hers she was actually packing some heat. The real reason she did not want the Silverback Guerrilla to see the films. The Bishops at the Steak House excommunicated her, after they pleasured themselves w/ Kinky Porn!

  2. Run Ben Run! She's controlling, frigid, has sexual baggage and substance abuse issues. You might make her happy but will never keep her happy. You take her to a fancy restaurant , change your appearance, buy her expensive gifts, pass a drug test and she tags you out at 2nd? RUN!!!

  3. Drives Jeep into shop with no problem stopping or soft pedal. "Jeep's making some weird noises". Oh…. Someone cut your brake line. ???????? That's where I exited this horrible B grade movie.

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