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  1. Well done.. would have loved to see the kid squeeze off a round or two. Was really anticipating on that. But Hollywood can be so unpredictable at times. I saw Glass at the theater and it didn't make sense because I didn't see Unbreakable. Now I see what's going on! Think I'll watch Glass again just to enjoy it better with understanding.

  2. Is exactly like that is a live moving picture or moment but just not so many at one time .and everyone has different ways on how they see or feel what’s coming or going or what is going to happen or finding some one it just works in mysterious ways different from person to person.there many things that come with that gif many

  3. This movie needed just a little bit more. It would have been nice to see him fight more crime or him and the ” glass man “ evolve into their enemies story line. It was a good movie but just a little more what have made it great.

  4. Saw this movie in the theatre and I remember at the end mr Glass officially introduced himself his forehead became abnormally large as he discribed the supervillian in a comic book story.It was so weird! Everytime I see it on t.v. he doesnt morph.Was it because it was in the theatre or was I hypnotized by direction of the stories character?Great movie!

  5. This movie is already showing wrong doctrines. Why would anybody pray for a soul? You can’t reach that soul, for it sleeps until the coming day of the Lord. Catholic apostasy is everywhere and that is how subliminal falsities are implanted in one’s brain. Wake up sheeple!!

  6. I like mystery and stuff, but in this case I just don't get the big deal regarding his invincibility. Why don't they try to slightly cut him if it proves something? Or try to take a blood sample of him. Should be interesting anyways. If the needle breaks, you know he is (pretty much) invulnerable.

  7. whoa this is legit. good upload and no edits either!!
    amazing. loved this movie and the follow up split.
    sadly the conclusion glass was disappointing af tho…
    anyways. thank you. i hope it stays available to view.

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