1. Hey nick do you have any thoughts on what services work well for booking consulting? Squarespace has it built in, so I was going to use that but if there's a good tool you know for scheduling I'd love to know.

  2. Hi Nick, as far as I'm aware it's a necessity to get permission from YT before you put links in your description, and only after your a partner member. Doing so without permission could mean your channel being shut down, so important to be clear here.

  3. Thanks for another great video and clearly talking about how to earn money from our content. I'm going down the affiliate marketing side and looking at offering consulting, as well as merch through a print on demand source. I'm in the shopping phase for print on demand sources for merch. Thanks for being awesome!

  4. I noticed none of you advisors for content creators , never say anything about Christian content almost like your embarrassed or something… faith based people listen to you all as well…anyway Nick we love you…..waiting for you to get to a million!!!

  5. Super thankful for this channel, i discovered it last week, as I was preparing to edit some of my content. So glad I’m able to learn thru a free channel. It’s different to start from 0 zero but I’m in this for the long haul. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!! 🎉

  6. Whoever is reading DONT give up on your channel. Think about all the hard work that you have already put in. Every youtuber was once in your spot they just kept going. Stay consistent and you will reach your goals. consistent uploads and improvement and some determination is all you need! I am going for 275 subs by the end of November!!!

  7. Thanks for the info nick, i almost hit 4k subs do you think its possible to get a sponsership? Videos getting 10k-40k views each. Its a gaming channel, what type of sponsership could be possible?

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