1. I can see there's a lot of active work and wonder how much its sustainable for the long run… Do you have a goal where you intend to stop doing freelance work once you reach a certain income from other places?

  2. I love love your content, you are my inspiration for not giving up on my art. I would love to see you progress from 0 to now in the future and how you keep working on it and maintain making art and all of that. I'm super happy for you and what you achieve!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! Amazing video! You are so incredibly generous to share this information, your transparency is GOLD ❤️👏 Congrats on the amazing YouTube trajectory you’re killing it and you’re crazy inspiring 💪😍

  4. Really neat to see this breakdown! Me personally, still working the long game, gotta make stuff to make in an online shop to vids to freelance, with a unrelated job on the side ahaha. Best of luck with your other endeavors!

  5. Very inspiring! You really managed to achieve your goal! 🎉
    I'll keep watching your videos, because they are so motivating and I hope I will also get there. 😊

  6. Thank you so so much for the video and for the Notion template, I’ve purchased it and it’s so so good! I wanted to ask, what did you use to make your website? Thank you again for the video, I love it!❤️

  7. i greatly appreciate your transparency regarding your income as an artist. i learn a lot from these videos and many questions that i've always had about how artist make their money and how these income streams work get answered and i'm very grateful to you. i'm actually currently planning on working towards offering subscription services in the future as a form of steady income (on kofi though, not on patreon) and i'm having troubles coming up with what i can offer. do you think you could offer some insight on what sort of questions to ask oneself regarding what they should offer and maybe even some ideas? maybe some that are more passive could be cool too 🙂 thanks for your help, kelsey!

  8. Wow, this really does make this stuff seem achievable! I’m really concerned about the taxes side of starting an art business too! Do you have any advice on that? Or any advice on how/where to find an accountant or tax preparer? What about how to register for a business? I’m all about starting a business! I’m just scared about the taxes stuff lol. This could make a good video or podcast!

  9. and here i am making less than $300 a month, gotta learn a couple things from you XD nice vid, very encouraging, will take a closer look at your channel…

  10. Thank you again for being so t transparent about your YouTube growth when will you open up slots again to have you as a mentor for a YouTube channel? Because I really really really want to grow my YouTube channel and I would love to have you as my mentor because you’re very knowledgeable and an artist so you understand how to balance YouTube and being an artist at the same time

  11. I am so proud to see how far you came 🙂 You are really inspiring, and i'm currently in the process of learning about content creation and filming my first video thanks to you!! Thank you so much for being transparent and honest with us <3

  12. Ammmazzing as always & Congrats Kelsey 🤑🤑🤑 Thanks for sharing your art journey & art tips as always 🤑🤑🤑 This is extremely inspirational to me because I’m also working hard to become monetized on YouTube too🤑🤑🤑

  13. Holy Smokes, @Kelsey! Thank you for being the change I needed to see! The first YouTube video I watched was about eleven years ago. About nine years ago, I thought it would be neat to have my own channel, as a hobby. Back then, I had no clue that YouTube could become a real, viable, successful business model for creatives. Eventually, I began to wonder why almost everyone on YouTube asks viewers to like, subscribe, leave a comment, etc. I didn’t realize that by doing those things, I could actually help the channels I appreciate to grow – without actually spending any money! The fact that my simple click and comment could help show YouTube that the creators are worth watching, felt empowering, actually, because my budget doesn’t currently allow me to put dollars behind my philanthropy. Yet, I could legitimately help content creators by spending time commenting, liking, and subscribing to the channels I most appreciate (such as this one). I had initially begun setting up my own channel in 2018, with the intention of adding value for my real estate clients and to generate new real estate business, but I didn’t upload any content back then. I wasn’t scared of failure or anything, I just felt like ‘niching down’ into only real estate content was far too limiting for me. There’s more to me than realty, you know? Flash forward a few years, and BAM! Pandemic, Lockdown, and Life in General changed drastically in 2020 for me. I worried far more about feeding my family than I did about growing my business. Instead, I started a garden and thought about how I could transition my business more online. Oh, yes! There’s YouTube! People are stressed. Maybe I can make some videos to help people unwind. I could do some Yoga & Meditation videos, I thought back then, not having any ideas about how I’d go about it. I enrolled in a 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training program, and started figuring out which parts of my home I could film in, without making the rest of my household feel uncomfortable, having cameras in their faces on the daily. Progress was being made. A business plan was being generated. All the things were flowing, despite the fear and anxiety felt when we didn’t know if we’d survive the cooties killing so many people back then (and now, for that matter). Before I posted anything though, life got more sideways, with major illnesses (thankfully, NOT covid cooties), and I needed to take some steps back from other activities to focus more fully on my family. That was last year. This year, the illnesses are proving to be ongoing, and I am still needed mostly at home. So, since I’m not on the go, I might as well make some videos, right? And, since I now know that I don’t need to starve in order to be an artist, I might as well do more of what I love: storytelling, making art, walking the healing path, and helping. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Kelsey! You’ve made a beneficial and substantial impact on the direction of my business, and I’m pretty sure I would not have even considered creation as a career without you. I managed to get my first video uploaded just now, and I wanted to pop in here to say a heartfelt thank you, for helping me to push myself to hit that Upload button and let my first video fly out into the world. Thanks again!

  14. Agreed, really appreciate your transparency with this. A lot of artists need to watch videos like this, you offer ideas and advice I wish I'd known about years ago, too. Many thanks for your videos, as always very helpful : )

    To everyone else, good luck with your art careers, hope you get to do what you want to do.

  15. Gosh I really need to get started on some of these extra income streams. I make not even half that as a public school art teacher working full time after 8 years of experience.

  16. This is really great information, as i also think setting up passive income streams is needed to thrive for the long term! Do you plan on looking into the basics of taxes for the freelancer? Because i unfortunately that taxes (especially for freelancing) always takes A GOOD CHUNK!

  17. Thank you so much for your transparency, I definitely don’t see these videos often 🥰🙏 I just did a similar video on ig reels showing my streams of income. You have encouraged me to make a YouTube version soon 🤞🏽

  18. Hi!!! If I may ask, how did you find youtubers to edit for? I've been looking into doing that. Also, what lens do you use for your canon m50? Thank you!!! I find your channel about a month or two ago, and now I watch religiously lol.

  19. Thank you for being transparent. I wish you nothing but more success and happiness. Question: this is pre-tax though correct? So about $2400 would actually go to IRS? Then subtract living expenses (rent/utilities), health insurance, retirement planning. Oof, it's still a good chunk to deduct. Just curious

  20. Wow! Congratulations! I am binge watching all your videos and have become a patreon! You have inspired me to follow my dream of being an artist. I would love a 1-1 but I am in the UK 😔

  21. Whoa. Unrelated to the content but i live in Spain and the video auto played with Spanish dubbing?? Is this a setting you've added yourself Kelsey or is this new to you too?!

  22. I'm trying really hard to start up my art career finally, and these videos really make it seem possible. If I could work hard enough to get even half the success you've made for yourself, I could finally quit my soul crushing retail job and just focus on making art ✨️ I'm gonna try my hardest to keep grinding. It may take years, but it'll be worth it! Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!

  23. Lordy, it's been a struggle for me personally, but I love when other artists succeed. I get stuff here and there, but I've been ghosted pretty frequently. I'll keep pushing for a little while longer, though.

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