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  1. Why do you talk like that? There's no way that's your natural voice. It is extremely obnoxious. Like, your videos would actually be watchable if it wasn't for your commentary but I can't seem to make it two minutes in without wanting to stick a pencil in each ear.

  2. 28:48 sorry, but you hae miss identified your pop culture references….it looks like a gray skinned YODA!…..Gollum had tiny, human shaped ears because he was born a hobbit and his isolation in the dark caves changed his skin to gray, made his eyes big, and because he started only eating cave fish (not having enough food) he became emaciated…..but this creature looks more like Yoda with gray skin instead of green and because it did NOT move in the video….i am calling hoax….100% chance it is a a yoda or grogu toy painted gray

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